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The Rieju RS3 125 Pro with Limited Editon Castrol Paint Job and rim decals Uses the Minarelli-Yamaha 4 Stroke, 4 Valve Liquid cooled engine. 15 HP real power. Six speed gearbox. Mounted in a lightweight and responsive frame. USD forks, Aluminium swingarm. Ø280mm front disc with radial mounted twin piston caliper. Digital cockpit. LED front position light combined with Dual fairing mounted projector headlamps. With its wide 17-inch alloys rims and well designed bodywork this bike looks and handles like any full size machine. Ride Magazine Best overall buy in massive group test! Fastest 125 4 stroke in many group tests Optional Parts: Ixil race silencer R & G Tail Tidy R & G Shock cover Test Report from Motorcycle Monthly Rieju RS3 125LC: £3399 Stacked against our other two bikes the Spanish built Rieju RS3 is in a different league altogether. The European beauty looks reassuringly expensive and that price shows in the overall quality. The bike is still £850 cheaper than the Yamaha YZF-R125 though and feels very similar to ride. The Rieju actually shares the same Minarelli liquid-cooled DOHC four-stroke motor as the Yamaha, albeit carb fed as opposed to fuel injected, handy for de-restriction time and easy tunability. The engine revs quickly up to its 10,500rpm redline but you’ll need feet faster than Michael Flatley if you want to keep it on the boil. There’s no mistaking that the Rieju is an out and out quarter-litre sportsbike; it’s very compact and has all the right components, such as 40mm USD forks, radial front caliper, trick looking mono shock, braced alloy swingarm and fancy lightweight alloy wheels. The riding position is on the wrist-heavy side compared to the other two bikes on test but what do you expect from a bike that’s been developed from Rieju’s RS2 racing range? The handling’s as sharp as the RS3’s looks, with that Michelin Pilot ‘Sporty’ 130-section rear tyre giving plenty of grip. All our test bikes were restricted but the Rieju can be de-restricted to produce around 15bhp. I’ve ridden the bike in full power mode and it is a different beast, so if you’re thinking of passing your test and don’t want to buy a bigger bike straight away it is worth spending a bit extra on a bike that can produce enough power to let you keep it for a while once the power can be legally released. In derestricted form the Rieju is much more fun and the highest recorded top speed of 88mph on our test bike’s fancy digital dash is believable, seeing as the best we could coax from our bike was 74mph. Other functions on the dash include a trip, max speed and temp gauge. The Rieju is definitely a well sorted, highly specced mini race rep dripping in quality components – aftermarket parts include big bore kit and competition silencer. If you’re looking for one of the best 125s money can buy the Rieju is right up there among the likes of the Yamaha YZF-R125 and Aprilia’s legendary RS125 stroker. Words: Iggy Grainger / Mel Falconer

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