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Fresh from the Muc-Off Research and Development Lab comes the ultimate bicycle detailer! Silicon Shine not only leaves your bike looking and smelling divine but its also an amazing friction reducer for suspension parts. Spray it on to your fork stantions and shock to reduce resistance for a silky smooth performance. Silicon Shine is completely safe to use on paint, chrome, all metal parts, carbon fibre and all other composites. It wont swell or soften rubber and plastic parts.
Silicon Shine not only repels water but dries completely, leaving a protective, non sticky and ULTRA SHINY layer that will extend the lifetime of your bikes finishes by preventing the build up of dirt and grime. This means that treated parts and surfaces will be easier to maintain and will even stay cleaner in-between washes.
Leaves a sparkling shine on all metal, rubber and plastic parts.
Particularly awesome on Carbon fibre!
Ideal for use on off-road fenders to reduce dirt build up
Effortless application - leaves a dry, long lasting shine
Restores colour and shine to all parts
Colourless, Non Staining Formula
Available in a 500ml aerosol
Instant friction reducer
Cherry Pop fragrance
Directions for use:
Directions for use: Shake can and apply Silicon Shine to a clean surface. Using a Microfibre cloth buff the surface to leave a dry sparkling shine! WARNING: Do not apply to tyre tread or braking surfaces, fabrics, hot parts or any surface thats used for vehicle control (i.e. grips, steering wheel, seats etc)! WARNING: If any overspray gets onto the tyre tread ensure it is removed prior to using vehicle! Store in a cool dry place.

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