Race at Mallory Park Bruce our Mechanic

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Well done to Bruce one of our mechanics who achieved A third at the Sound of Thunder Championship at Mallory park on Sunday 17 July despite heavy rain all day.

Race at Mallory Park Bruce our Mechanic

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Well done to Bruce one of our mechanics who achieved A third at the Sound of Thunder Championship at Mallory park on Sunday 17 July despite heavy rain all day.

Snetterton 13/7/10 Advanced Group Evening Session

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Thirteen being an unlucky number ment booking a trackday on this day was not such a good idea, However luckily this was not the case as all 14 riders managed to keep the bikes sunny side up despite the unfavourable conditions. We were set for an evening of rain, which did every now and again stop in order for us to dry ourselfs and for some, myself included change our underpants after almost highsiding exiting Coram Curve. The Conditions were bad to say the least which meant it felt like riding on ice, Oh well we can put it down as experience and unfortunately for the not so lucky riders there, an expensive day out! Think the next one will have to be in sunny spain!


  It Was a busy track as you can see not many wanted to ride on a wet track, Think I could have pushed the bike round quicker after my change of underpants incident. The bike was on its side stand in this picture and I was getting ready to get off!

 Gravel ralph shows us how he keeps his bike upright (This is a first,,I have edited the stabilisers out of the picture)

 Big Paul,, I think he is feeling his age this was before he got on the bike!

 Graham debating whether to drink the fuel or put it in his bike (some people will try allsorts to go quicker)

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit Trackday Advanced Group Evening Session

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What A day, the weather was perfect, the company even better! Myself, Lee, Graham, Ralph and Wives (well the girls love making Tee) set off at 2.00 PM from Sunny Clacton to arrive at Brands for the 3.30 Signing on. After Noise testing and the briefing we were ready to roll. Today we were all a little nervous than normal as we had decided to go in the advanced group and today there seemed to be a lot more guys with race slicks and tyre warmers! oh well we might have to result to letting there tyres down in order to beat them!


Any way lets get down to the slow warm up laps, all seemed to be going well until we noticed Graham cutting South Bank Corner and riding on the grass he said it was due to a gear lever falling off but I believe he was just trying to save fuel the tight bugger!

The rest of the day went smoothly with us all getting in a good number of laps without any problems well I say that one of my tyre warmers decided to catch fire, but at least the tyre was hot! Piggy Lee ate all the sandwiches as normal so we will do our best to hide them next month but in all an absoultely perfect day well worth £79 for 4x 20 min sessions on the track.

 I am not sure about Lee"s unzipped white suit he did mention something about going to the Blue Oyster Bar afterwards.

 Lee gets his knee down so well done (some might say this was when he was kneeling down to pick up another sandwich but we would not believe that would we?



Brand Hatch April 27 2010

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We all well say all, almost all spent the evening at Brands Hatch pretending to be racers at Club MSV trackday. What started off as a great evening sooned turned into a series of mishaps all now laughable I might add. After noise testing with a baffle in my exhaust I thought no one would notice if I removed it before doing the sighting laps as the bike is quite restricted with it in and being an old V-Twin I need all the power I can get. Unfortunately after lining up for the sighting laps the organisers decided to check to see whether the baffles were still installed I thought they would never remember which bikes were fitted as there were over 60 in attendence that day,, I was wrong they didnt have to ...just look at the big B that was written on the front of my bike which I had failed to spot,,,IDIOT oh well had to come in after the sighting laps and fit,, that resulted in losing precious track time BUGGER..

On to the second session I thought great, time to get some quality time this to was soon halted on the second lap after our good friend not mentioning any names... GRAVEL RALPH... thought he would test the grip of his road tyres in the kitty litter luckily he and the bike were ok just resulting in a couple of scratches and hurt pride especially after telling me for the last hour how he was going to taking it easy and it was his birthday and yes you might think he is young but infact it was his 66 birthday! Unfortunately track time was halted as Ralphs bike was recovered.

On to the third session thought great hopefully we will get along ok this time but within minutes someone decided to take a detour across the grass .. think he was busting for the toilet and wondered whether there would be a portaloo in the woods he was mistaken if only he had taken the long way round he would of found one instead he found MUD-SKY -MUD-SKY-GRAVEL and a few bruises along the way,,but again the stranger was ok and will live to tell of his extra little trip... Track time halted again B^LL&CKS!

The final session of the day what could go wrong well alot sods law a generator bolt could shear off in my engine and lock it solid,, so could not go out all I could do was wish for another day bring on the good weather,, next month hopefully Snetterton at least in the last 3 times I have been there everything has been perfect!

     Me trying to stay on two wheels

    Me Lee and Graham

  Lee demonstrating the dance that is required before being allowed on the track as only those that are mad are allowed on

  Gravel Ralph demonstrates how ineffective road tyres are in the kitty litter I have not put a picture up of his face as to save any furtthur embarresment....he was fine after this picture






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