What A day, the weather was perfect, the company even better! Myself, Lee, Graham, Ralph and Wives (well the girls love making Tee) set off at 2.00 PM from Sunny Clacton to arrive at Brands for the 3.30 Signing on. After Noise testing and the briefing we were ready to roll. Today we were all a little nervous than normal as we had decided to go in the advanced group and today there seemed to be a lot more guys with race slicks and tyre warmers! oh well we might have to result to letting there tyres down in order to beat them!


Any way lets get down to the slow warm up laps, all seemed to be going well until we noticed Graham cutting South Bank Corner and riding on the grass he said it was due to a gear lever falling off but I believe he was just trying to save fuel the tight bugger!

The rest of the day went smoothly with us all getting in a good number of laps without any problems well I say that one of my tyre warmers decided to catch fire, but at least the tyre was hot! Piggy Lee ate all the sandwiches as normal so we will do our best to hide them next month but in all an absoultely perfect day well worth £79 for 4x 20 min sessions on the track.

 I am not sure about Lee"s unzipped white suit he did mention something about going to the Blue Oyster Bar afterwards.

 Lee gets his knee down so well done (some might say this was when he was kneeling down to pick up another sandwich but we would not believe that would we?