Thirteen being an unlucky number ment booking a trackday on this day was not such a good idea, However luckily this was not the case as all 14 riders managed to keep the bikes sunny side up despite the unfavourable conditions. We were set for an evening of rain, which did every now and again stop in order for us to dry ourselfs and for some, myself included change our underpants after almost highsiding exiting Coram Curve. The Conditions were bad to say the least which meant it felt like riding on ice, Oh well we can put it down as experience and unfortunately for the not so lucky riders there, an expensive day out! Think the next one will have to be in sunny spain!


  It Was a busy track as you can see not many wanted to ride on a wet track, Think I could have pushed the bike round quicker after my change of underpants incident. The bike was on its side stand in this picture and I was getting ready to get off!

 Gravel ralph shows us how he keeps his bike upright (This is a first,,I have edited the stabilisers out of the picture)

 Big Paul,, I think he is feeling his age this was before he got on the bike!

 Graham debating whether to drink the fuel or put it in his bike (some people will try allsorts to go quicker)