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Sym CRUISYM 300 E5


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    CRUISYM 300 E5

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The right compromise between sport and comfort is contained in this scooter powered by a 278.3 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that delivers a maximum power of 19.1 KW. This feature allows you to tackle even the longest journeys in total tranquillity and without the thought of consuming too much petrol. The Euro 5 version is enriched with full-led headlights, digital instrumentation and traction control. The maximum speed it is able to reach is around 140 Km / h, and the acceleration start allows you to decisively overtake the other slower vehicles that can be found on the motorway or ring road. The braking system present in the CruiSym can count on a 260 mm front disc and a 240 mm front disc equipped with an ABS system. The 41mm telescopic front fork and adjustable rear suspension ensure maximum stability even when tackling rough roads. The driving comfort offered by the CruiSym is another aspect that makes this scooter the right choice for those looking for a performing vehicle that is easy to drive at the same time. The saddle is wide and well-cushioned, as is the area reserved for the passenger. The platform with three different portions for the feet allows you to choose the most suitable one in all circumstances, allowing you to always remain very comfortable even when you are in the saddle for several hours. This is also thanks to the 40 ° inclination between the footrest and the leg shield back plate. The sporty aspect is highlighted by the bold line of the front where the LED lights and the height-adjustable windscreen stand out, allowing you to choose the best position according to your needs. The compartment under the saddle can accommodate a full-face helmet and other items. The saddle opens via a convenient button on the handlebar, while there are two large compartments in the rear shield, one of which is equipped with a lock and USB socket to power small electronic devices. The futuristic instrumentation is a mix between analogue and digital and makes the CruiSym a scooter in step with the times also in this respect. 278.3 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine – 19.1 KW power output – Full-led headlights – Digital instrumentation – traction control – 85 MPH – 260 mm front disc – 240 mm rear disc – ABS braking – 41mm telescopic front fork – adjustable rear suspension – adjustable windscreen – full face helmet storage under seat – USB charge socket 

£5699 Plus £200 OTR